Monday, June 14, 2010

Clean and Green


The fast phase development in all parts of the world has contributed to the overall quality of the environment that we have. Impurities have significantly conquered almost all areas of the world, the deepest sea and the atmosphere is in awe. For as long as men live, the generation of waste materials will continue and it will continue to trouble us in whatever aspects of our lives. Disconcerting as it is, thus, leads men to do whatever it takes to make this earth a hazard free place to live. That is what N-VIROnment aims for, to help men make this world a better place to live in.

Advocacy for cleaner environment as well as the recycling of the generated waste is now a common practice all over the world. Different treatment and techniques have been introduced and technologies have aid humanity in this goal for cleaner and sustainable development. For instance in the Philippines (banana production), the use of manure as a replacement to the synthetic fertilizer has been encouraged in order to protect the natural elements present in the soil. This practice preserves the acidity level of the soil which is necessary for growing banana. In areas where there is scare resource for water such as Saudi Arabia, desalination procedure is being done to purify salt water into usable one. Such processes help men live a better life despite of his self-inflicting activities.

Man is ingenious, his ability to create something out of his desire, research and inquisitive mind has helped him lived life and survived it through all challenging times. Man invented different gadgets for communication and it connects everyone around the world in just a matter of click. Man invented cars, and other important transportation means but have contributed green house gases that caused climate change. Man invented nuclear power that provide electricity but can also destroy thousands of people when irresponsibly used. Man invented rockets, and invaded the moon. What else man cannot do?

Today man is fighting for a better, sustainable and balance environment. Renewable energy is being utilized since the current source of energy which that is non-renewable is getting scarce. Efforts in transforming waste into energy are being doubled to maximize the use of waste. Technologies such as that from N-VIROnment are very helpful in achieving ends of a better environment and use of resources. Its suite of green technologies complement each other and build upon a unique concept transforming waste products into a beneficial fertilizer or ultimately creating N-Viro Fuel a renewable alternative fuel perfectly synergistic with the coal combustion industry. The company promised more development to come in providing opportunity fuels out from its developed technologies.

Let us support waste recycling.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unusual Hotel

Out'N'About Treehouse Treesort
Takilma, Ore.
Rates: $250 a night for four
Sleep 32 feet off the ground. Me Tarzan. You Jane. The owners waged an eight-year battle to get treehouses recognized as real "hotels."

Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, Idaho
Rates: Starts at $92 a night/double occupancy
Their motto: "Where sleeping in the dog house is a good thing." Guests of the Dog Bark stay inside of a wooden dog that the hotel claims is the world's biggest beagle, at 35 feet tall.

Quaker Square
Akron, Ohio
Rates: Starts at $95 a night/double occupancy
The converted silos once held 1.5 million grain bushels. Sleep in the round rooms where your breakfast was once stored.

McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel
Portland, Ore.
Rates: $110 a night/double occupancy
The hotel, with rooms featuring blackboards, is a converted elementary school that originally opened in 1915. You won't get in trouble for drinking a single-malt in class.

Jules Undersea Lodge
Key Largo, Fla.
Rates: $550 a night/double occupancy
Guests take the plunge — literally. Scuba dive 21 feet to your room in the form
er underwater laboratory, and sip a
glass of wine and look out the window onto the undersea world.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate Wrapper

From early times of manufacturing chocolate bars paper became most popular material for chocolate wrappers. under outer paper wrapper is always inner wrapper (foil) usually made of aluminium or plastic.

There are 3 main types of paper chocolate wrapper. First type is strip of paper wrapped over the chocolate bar so it is usually easy to take off the wrapper from chocolate.This wrapping method was more frequent in the past. It is used mostly in USA, England, the Netherlands, Estonia or in many asian countries now. Second type covers complete chocolate bar like a envelope. This envelope style of paper wrapper is widely spread in most countries. It is sometimes necessary to open these wrappers carefully and try not to tear them. For some chocolates is often used as a wrapping material cardboard paper. Typical is for some filled chocolates especially those with liquid filling like spirits, for chocolates with whole hazelnuts, for higher weights chocolates, portioned chocolates like Schogetten, for luxury chocolates or for chocolate bars with unusual shape. Also worldwide known chocolate bar Toblerone is covered with cardboard wrapper. Except most frequented paper other wrapping materials like cellophane, metalized foils or plastic foils became more and more popular from economic reasons. Typical use is for square chocolates, some cheaper chocolates or for chocolate candy bars like Mars. German manufacturer of square chocolates Ritter used cellophane as a wrapping material till 1978, then paper wrapper combined with aluminum and since 1991 plastic foil wrapper which is easy to open without damage. Among European makers of chocolate bars is more and more common to wrap the chocolates in plastic foils. Almost all small bars and candy bars are now packed in plastic foil and also some cheaper chocolates like 100g bars of Trumpf or Waldbaur in Germany or Lola chocolates by Swiss Halba. Specific type of wrappers use some scandinavian companies - they combine paper with inner metalized foil in one wrapper. This method is often used for packing chocolate pieces in rolls. Some companies like Italian Delicia also use combination of plastic wrapper with inner metalized foil.

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